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Home lifts at rock‑bottom prices

When stairs become too much, a home lift is an ideal and affordable alternative to using a stairlift. There are many benefits to owning a homelift and whats great is that with their clever design these can be fitted into any UK home, which means you don’t need to look for a new ground floor place to live. You get to stay in your lovely home and have a mobility friendly way to access all floors and parts of your house that have become a challenge with a conventional fitted stair case.

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    Types of home lifts

    If you are in a situation where ascending and descending a stair case becomes challenging, either through illness, disability or mobility issues including use of a wheelchair, you can begin to lose access to areas within your home and may have to confine yourself to rooms on one level provided there is enough space and a bathroom available. But for many home owners this simply isn’t the case. You then only really have three options to choose from;

    You could either move to a ground floor apartment, fit a stair lift to your existing staircase, or opt for a home lift. But financially, moving house to accommodate isn’t an option for some, not to mention the emotions involved in moving from a home you may have spent many years in. Stair lifts on the other hand are a great alternative, however you need to remove handrails which could become problematic for others living with you. This is where home lifts can be the best option to choose.


    The Stiltz range of unique domestic lifts and home lifts are the first and only lifts of their kind to become available in the UK and are a fantastic alternative to a stairlift. They are spacious, comfortable and safe. They vary in sizes but can offer enough room to carry up to three people and a wheelchair if required. It offers a level of independence to users and especially wheelchair users to be able to go up and down floors on their own while giving them complete access to their house, and even lets them carry things with them into the lift.


    Most domestic lifts do not require any building work apart from creating a hole for the lift to pass. They travel on their own self supporting structure which eliminates the need for a load bearing walls making them the ideal mobility aid for your home. Read through our guides to learn more on how a home lift could be the right choice for you.

    Features of a home lift

    When you think of a lift, it is easy to imagine the types of lifts you get in commercial buildings and shopping centres. But the types of lifts that would be build into your home is completely different. Here are some of the features and benefits:


    • Homelifts have now taken on a more discrete stylish look allowing them to blend in into your home seamlessly.
    • To help keep the noise level down, homelifts do not have separated mechanical moving parts, this helps reduce the noise when in motion to no more than a whisper.
    • Homelifts can be fitted with ambient lighting, self closing doors and have built in smart sensors that can detect if anything is above or below the lift whilst in motion.

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    We’ve helped 1000’s of people save on homelifts

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