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Bathing Aids (walk in shower)

There are, however, a few things to consider when comparing bathing aids especially whether you need a quick and easy solution or a more sturdy disabled bathing aid.

Fill and drain time

Your walk-in bath needs to be empty when you enter and exit it, so quick fill and drain times are important. The faster they are, the less time you will have to spend sitting down waiting either for the bath to fill or for the water to drain away so you can exit.

Some baths have two plugs to make the drain time even shorter, though you will need to check that your bathroom plumbing is suitable.

We also advise having your bathroom checked over by a surveyor so you can find out what size and type of bath would best suit your home and if it can be installed properly.

This is particularly important for disabled baths and disabled toilets.

Technical Considerations

A mobility bath door that opens inwardly saves space and also gives better protection against leaks due to the water pressure against it.

You may, however, prefer an outward opening door since this will let you exit the bath quickly in the case of an emergency even if the water has not drained.

While they are much easier to get in and out of than traditional tubs, walk-in baths still involve a small step unless, of course, you choose to purchase a bath lift.

MobilityCompare can help you compare a range of bathing solutions and find a product best suited to your needs and home.

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