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What features to look for in an adjustable bed mattress?

Comfort and support

Of Course comfort and support are key features of a good mattress. A comfortable mattress will help provide a good night’s sleep while offering additional support to your body weight and reduced pressure from pain points. Some mattresses even have the ability to change firmness levels electronically to suit your needs. Once you have selected and saved your preferred firmness setting by using the built in memory function, at the press of the memory button it will make any required adjustment to your preferred setting, making sure that you have optimum comfort.


An adjustable bed can be adjusted to hundreds of positions at the touch of a button, so it’s essential they’re built to put up with wear and tear of using them every day. When buying a mattress always look for one that bends with the bed but also returns easily to the normal flat position.


As your bed adjusts to different positions, the mattress should be flexible enough to move with the bed base. When buying from a supplier or retailer it’s important to know what’s inside the mattress. Take for example some use springs which could reduce flexibility.

What is the best adjustable bed and mattress combo?

The best mattress for an adjustable bed shouldn’t be too thick as this can affect its flexibility and durability over time. Some companies tend to recommend a thickness of 10 to 12 inches for an adjustable bed, there are no industry standards. The user’s weight is an important factor too. Take for example, an 18 stone person would need a thicker mattress than a 12 stone person.

Because of its flexibility and durability, memory foam arguably makes the best mattress for an adjustable bed. However, memory foam can retain body heat, making it uncomfortable in the summer.

Different types of Mattresses

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are topped with a layer of Visco Elastic foam. Your body heat softens the Visco Elastic foam, moulding to your body shape. This gets rid of the common pressure points providing comfort and support. As the name suggests, memory foam returns to its original position once the pressure is released.

Although memory foam contours easily with the base of an adjustable bed, it might not be the best choice for everyone.

Memory foam mattresses retain body heat which can become uncomfortable in warm weather. When they’re new, memory foam mattresses can produce an odd smell. This is called off-gassing. Although the effect is only temporary, this is one of the biggest complaints from memory foam mattress owners.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are flexible but in comparison to memory foam, latex can return to its original position much faster and instead of using body heat to soften, Latex uses body weight to mould to your body shape and relieve pressure points.

If used with an Adjustable Bed, latex mattresses are flexible enough to contour to the base of the bed but as Latex mattresses are more rigid, a thinner mattress is more appropriate for adjustable beds.

Coil Spring mattresses

Developed in the early 1900s, coil spring mattresses use steel springs in their support system. Because of their construction, the springs in the mattress can create pressure points which make them unsuitable for adjustable beds. They also need replacement more often and are less flexible.

How to buy a mattress for an adjustable bed?

It’s important to look for a reputable seller whether you’re purchasing directly from the manufacturer, a high street retailer or online.

Good suppliers are easy to identify through approval schemes, such as National Bed Federation (NBF) and BackCare. These ensure that companies comply with a code of practice and meet stringent standards.

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