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Using an average Western lifespan of 74 years, a research team in the US calculated that we spend 25 years in bed. And that doesn't count those of us who like to lie-in during the weekend! A good night's sleep is essential for everyone, young and old alike.

However, problems such as arthritis and sciatica, or recovering from a back operation, can make it especially difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

But with an adjustable bed, sometimes called an electric adjustable bed, you can change the shape of your bed to support you where you need it. It can even make getting up easier.

If you sleep with a partner, you can also buy adjustable beds that have twin settings so each of you can get into the most comfortable position without affecting the other.

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Affordable adjustable beds

With affordable adjustable beds, you can make time spent on your bed more pleasurable. These beds...

Electric Recliner Beds

Electric recliner beds are designed to improve comfort while you are at rest or while you are asl...

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