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Recliner Chairs (riser recliner chair)

Recliner chairs offer a superb way of getting in and out of an armchair for minimal effort. With the simple touch of a button you can ease yourself into any recliner position making the chairs ideal if you suffer from severe mobility restrictions, especially when lifting yourself in and out of a seat.

The control mechanism is normally via remote control handset allowing you to raise the seat high enough to sit on before being slowly lowered to your favoured position. Likewise, when you need to leave the seat, you simply raise the chair up so you can comfortably walk away from the chair without straining yourself.

Technical considerations

Recliner chairs typically have either a single motor or a dual motor. Single motor versions offer a simple 'up and down' seat motion and are the cheapest recliner chairs available.

By contrast, dual motor versions not only provide an up and down motion but also allow the footrest and backrest to operate independently of each other, giving a wider range of seating options.

One key tip is to make sure that the person using the recliner chair will be able to work the remote control handsets. Simple single motor versions often have just one or two buttons but more sophisticated dual motor versions include remote controls with a number of different buttons.

The user must therefore be able to have a basic level of manual dexterity as well as competent eyesight.

Advanced recliner options

There are a number of advanced options that make recliner chairs a far more comfortable proposition. Chief amongst these are the heat and massage systems that allow you to warmly sink into your recliner whilst being gently massaged!

Other options include leather upholstery (which make recliners far easier to clean) and also the possibility of extra side pockets for easy access to books, magazines and your remote control.


Most riser recliner chairs come with a battery pack power unit that allows you to be able to use your chair in the event of a power cut. In addition, we advise that your riser recliner has an anti-trap feature fitted so that in the event of anything getting trapped in the mechanism, the chair stops immediately. This is an important consideration, especially if young children are present in the house.

Nearly all recliner chairs offer a substantial guarantee period with some manufacturers providing up to five years.

Compare riser recliner chairs to find the one best for you - use MobilityCompare to help you compare a range of riser recliner chairs best suited to your needs and environment.

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