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Riser Recliner Chair for Elderly Recliner Chairs

Rise recliner chairs are ideal for people who have difficulty standing up and sitting down due to restricted mobility, such as those with arthritis, rheumatism or circulation problems. 

If you are elderly and find that moving around the house is increasingly difficult, then a riser recliner chair could help make day to day life a lot easier. 

The advantages of purchasing a riser recliner chair are many. For example, consider the following points which facilitate your comfort and well-being at home:

  • Get in and out of your chair with ease
  • Stop struggling to get to your feet unaided
  • Keep your independence in your own home for longer
  • Enjoy support and comfort from the varied sitting and reclining positions
  • Experience positional relief from aches and pains

A riser recliner chair can elevate you to a near standing position should you need to get up, and then can sit you back down again when you return. This allows you to stand up or sit down easily and unaided, without pressure on your back or joints.

It does this via a simple electric handset or on-chair control mechanism, which controls all the chair’s positions.

Maintain your independence and stay in your own home for longer

As you get older, you may find it necessary to equip your home to meet your changing needs. However, staying in the home where you feel most comfortable is fundamental to your mental health and well-being. Simply being able to gain independence in the home you love will improve your quality of life.

Therefore, having a riser recliner chair that is both supportive and comfortable is an invaluable aid to your continuing mobility. It can afford you the priceless and invaluable reassurance and stability that comes from remaining independent in your own home for longer.

Remember to always read reviews on which type of riser recliner chair would suit your personal needs best, and it’s also a good idea to visit your local shop or supplier to gain their opinions and expertise too.