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Home Vertical Lifts Homelifts

If you’re struggling to cope with climbing the stairs in your home, installing a home lift can be an excellent solution to your problem.

There are many affordable solutions that help to keep elderly people or individuals affected by mobility problems in their own homes.

Vertical home lifts can be installed either outdoors to help people with physical difficulties enter or leave their home, or alternatively internally, to facilitate access to the upper levels of the property.

A vertical home lift can allow you to stay in your own home

Steep stairs or confined spaces can hinder you from getting where you’d like to go or worse still, force you out of the home you love. 

A vertical home lift will allow you to maintain your independence with direct access to the space you require and the rooms you enjoy most.

Whether you are in a wheelchair, have trouble with stairs or are operating a scooter, a vertical home life can help you with your accessibility challenges.

Compact design that’s attractive and functional

The design and appeal of a vertical home lift is more attractive and compact than that of traditional ramps, which require significant space and a large footprint for a slow-graded incline.

Vertical home lifts are smaller and elevate or lower to the exact height required to safely deliver the user from ground to upper deck or from floor to floor.

Smooth, reliable rides with little maintenance needed

Vertical home lifts are designed to provide smooth, efficient and quiet rides. Modern day home lift technology is quieter than other lifts which use hydraulics, belts, chains or pulleys resulting in a nosier ride. 

Alternative drive systems also require more maintenance to keep the lift in good working order. Vertical home lifts need very little maintenance and are designed to last.

A home lift for every space

Nearly any home can be optimised for ideal accessibility. Being designed specifically to fit into unique properties, whatever the layout, vertical home lifts are space-efficient and won’t require large structural changes.

Make sure you speak to suppliers to gauge which type of home lift is right for you, letting them know all the details of the space available in your house.