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Home lifts for the elderly Homelifts

As people get older, they can suffer from aches, pains and general reduced mobility. This can be stressful as it makes moving freely around your home more problematic.

What was once simply a case of getting upstairs to bed can sometimes seem inaccessible and many elderly people even consider downgrading to smaller homes with no staircases or even residential care. Feeling the need to leave your home, especially if you have fond memories of living there, can be upsetting.

Installing a home lift is a genuinely viable option to increase elderly people’s freedom and independence. What’s more, though you may think that a home lift means making big structural changes to your home, with advancing technology, they can now be quickly and successfully installed without remodelling entire rooms or sacrificing large amounts of your valued living space.

However, before choosing to install a home lift into your property, always make sure you read numerous online reviews from people who have already had them installed, and speak to experts in shops, as well as the suppliers that are going to deliver and install them.

If you live in a multi-storeyed property, you must think about how many floors the lift is going to cover. Covering more floors means more stops have to be factored into the installation. This makes the process more complex and time-consuming, which will increase the price of the home lift.

Although most properties in the UK only have two floors, don’t worry if your house has more, there are plenty of suppliers who can install a home lift for up to four floors.

With regard to the installation, people are often intimidated by the building work that is required and this needs to be factored into your overall budget. Remember not to just opt for the cheapest option though.

For some types of lift, you may need to alter your room layouts or even consider a small extension to accommodate the lift and building work can be very stressful as well as expensive.

So, before you opt for a cheaper model of lift, consider whether a higher-end custom model will save you money and hassle by avoiding extra building work. You might find that the custom lift itself is more expensive but the overall installation costs less.

Lastly, when it comes to your home, how something looks is often just as important as how well it works. Many home lifts will offer different options for interior finishes, as well as door and flooring styles.

Choose carefully as there are many home lift options available for elderly people, but usually only one that is right for you.