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Compact Home Lift Reviews Homelifts

Installing a home lift into your property is a big decision to make. They are a substantial investment for anyone, but do offer you increased mobility, independence and total access around you home. It’s difficult to put a price on that.

There are many companies and suppliers that make and install home lifts so you will not struggle to find plenty of options. However, if you are unsure as to exactly what you’re looking for, the choice may seem initially overwhelming.

This site can help you narrow your choices down with some of the UK’s most reputable home lifts suppliers.

Firstly, the Stiltz Home Lift is a unique domestic lift that can fit easily into any UK home. As one of the best suppliers of home lifts, Stiltz prioritise you staying in your home when the stairs become too much.

Unlike stairlifts, Stiltz domestic lifts are spacious, comfortable and safe and the home lift can carry up to three people and a wheelchair if required.

By visiting www.stiltz.co.uk or phoning 0808 250 1359 you can find out the specific information you require for your needs by chatting to one of the Stiltz team members.

The Stiltz Home Lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home thanks to its compact footprint, drive mechanism and dual rail technology. This means Stiltz domestic lifts have an almost unrivalled ability to fit into spaces other home lifts cannot with minimal building work and disruption.

Alternatively, Axess 2 take a new approach to home lifts and focus on the design. The emphasis is the home lift fitting in and blending with your home, combining practicality with aesthetics.

Using expertise and knowledge in the field, these unique designs include colour changing RGB lighting, Bluetooth and wireless diagnostics of the lift controller, and security and safety components, all to make your home lift one of the most advanced and safest products on the market.

Axess 2 offers a full design service and a free design consultation with the in house team, simply by visiting www.axess2.co.uk/homelifts or phoning 01200 405 005.

Finally, Thyssenkrup provide home lifts that not only increase your quality of life but also the value of your home.

Thyssenkrup focus on limiting any structural changes to your property, and providing you with space-saving as well as smooth and silent home lifts that are suitable for either outdoor or indoor installations.

Safety is key with Thyssenkrup and they can install certain models that have more than 20 safety systems, guaranteeing protection and safe-use in any situation – even a power cut.

Visit www.thyssenkrupp-homelift.co.uk or phone 0800 783 9551 for more information and a free brochure.