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Using an average Western lifespan of 74 years, a research team in the US calculated that we spend 25 years in bed. And that doesn't count those of us who like to lie-in during the weekend! A good night's sleep is essential for everyone, young and old alike.

However, problems such as arthritis and sciatica, or recovering from a back operation, can make it especially difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

But with an adjustable bed, sometimes called an electric adjustable bed, you can change the shape of your bed to support you where you need it. It can even make getting up easier.

If you sleep with a partner, you can also buy adjustable beds that have twin settings so each of you can get into the most comfortable position without affecting the other.

Types of adjustable beds and mattresses

Ordinary and untreated mattresses are not suitable for adjustable beds. However, among the possible choices are Memory Foam and Reflex mattresses, though you may also opt for other products such as coil spring.

Memory Foam adjustable beds were created by NASA to shield astronauts from the G-force they experienced during re-entry and lift-off. They relieve pressure on the body by moulding themselves to the shape of the sleeper and the bed. Reflex mattresses can also adapt themselves to the owner over time.

Adjustable beds come with varying motor systems. While a standard version will probably be enough for most people, those who need extra and more specialised help can opt for a 4 motor system which offers support in more specific areas.

It is important to compare adjustable beds to help you find the one best suited to giving you a good night's rest. Whether it's a king size adjustable bed, twin adjustable bed or a memory foam mattress, MobilityCompare can help you identify your requirements and assist you in making the best selection.

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Craftmatic adjus


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