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Mobility Compare™ have teamed up with Oromed International to bring you the next level in advanced mattresses.

How the ORO Advanced Latex Mattress can help you get a great night’s sleep … every night?

ORO Standard Range of Latex Mattresses

Latex has a great point elasticity meaning it compresses only in the point of contact. As a bonus, this means that two people can share a bed without disturbing each other when they move in the night, even if one partner is heavier than the other. It doesn’t squeak either, so there’s minimal chance of one of you waking the other up if you need to get up in the middle of the night! As well as being very elastic, latex is incredibly durable. A latex mattress can last as long as twenty years, compared to conventional spring-based mattresses, which generally need to be replaced every 3-5 years or so (or even more frequently in the case of cheap mattresses).

One of the main concerns with bedding today is being too hot when we sleep; it is uncomfortable and interrupts the quality of our sleep. Fortunately, the open cell structure of latex mattresses means that they are highly ‘breathable’ – they don’t retain heat in the same way other designs do, as the air inside them is able to circulate freely.

ORO Latex Mattress with the Recess

Why a good night’s sleep is so essential to your quality of life

It’s impossible to overstate the benefits of regular, quality sleep. Along with food, drink, and exercise, it’s one of the primary factors determining your overall level of health and well-being. Indeed, many companies have discovered this to their cost studies have shown that the vast majority of absenteeism cases are due to lack of sleep and back-related problems.

Sleep quality is the main reason why the ORO Ultimate Sleep System ( ORO 100% Latex Mattress with its unique patented Pressure Relief Comfort Recess) is such a cost-effective long-term investment. If you’re experiencing pain in your back or shoulders, it will provide lasting relief. If you’re not, the improvement in your sleep quality will manifest itself in all areas of your life. You’ll be more focused and alert at work. You’ll have more energy to enjoy your leisure time. You’ll find yourself adopting a more positive outlook on everything. It’s hard to imagine an area of your life that better sleep won’t improve!

What is the key to getting a good night’s sleep?

The answer may surprise you…

We’re often told to consider our posture, when sitting or standing, to avoid problems with our backs and shoulders. As a result, you may well already practice daily avoiding slouching and sitting up straight as much as possible during the day.

But how often do you consider your posture when you sleep? Unfortunately, you can’t monitor your posture while you sleep – we are very much at the mercy of our mattresses.

The unique ORO Mattress

Pressure Relief Comfort Recess

When combined with specially shaped pillows, this recess – called the Pressure Relief Comfort Recess – ensures that you will always be properly supported, throughout the night. You will find the ORO Ultimate Sleep System also helping to improve circulation and remedy any aches and pains in your back and shoulders. This elegantly simple solution is the key to the effectiveness of the ORO Mattress. The difference is so profound that most people who try it see an instant improvement and often experience what they describe as the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had- and as if they are floating!

On standard mattresses, once you stop sinking into the mattress, your body weight will still be pressing on your shoulder creating a “dead” or “frozen shoulder”, and the shoulders will always be in the way so that the neck and spine cannot be aligned, causing headaches, back and neck pains. By incorporating our unique patented Pressure Relief Comfort Recess at the top of the mattress, it will, whilst sleeping on your side, remove the body weight from your shoulder and at the same time take the shoulder “out of the way” so that your neck and spine can be perfectly aligned in a straight and natural posture. No other mattress can do this, irrelevant of what the mattress surface is made of, i.e., water, air, springs or memory foam.

ORO 100% Latex Mattress Core with Pressure Relief Comfort Recess

100% LATEX

Latex is a white milky liquid, a stable dispersion of rubber particles in water. Natural latex is harvested from the rubber trees which are grown in tropical climate plantations around the world. The trees are not harmed and therefore provide a sustainable and renewable resource. It is chemical free and biodegradable. We have achieved FR for Latex foam to comply with British regulation BS 5852 without using any harmful chemicals.

Fabric for the Mattress Cover

We have achieved FR for Latex foam to comply with British regulation BS 5852 without using any harmful chemicals. In the case of fabric for mattress covers, they must be compliant with BS 7177 low hazard for domestic use. This is to ensure that the fabric for mattress covers are fire resistant to a cigarette or smoulder test. In our case, we have achieved both BS 7177 but also crib 5, which is required for mattresses for the Hotel Industry. All this has been achieved without using FR Chemicals. This does enable us to offer all our customers the most comfortable and Chemical-free Latex mattresses.

*We have also incorporated two unique treatments of the fabric used for the manufacture of mattress covers.


Excessive virus outbreaks and global pandemics can occur at any time, at any place. It is thus of importance to take precautions to not only ensure everyone’s safety but also to prevent infrastructures like hospitals from failing due to demand exceeding capacity. Following the growing awareness during the current pandemic, LAVA developed COPPERCLEAN, where a supplemental yarn of micro thin metallized copper is knitted into our fabrics. Copper is a known material that combines viral reducing, antibacterial and fungicidal properties for ultimate protection on bacteria or viruses of all kind. Recently, various studies showed promising results in regard of effectivity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well. These promising results are now confirmed by an independent study on LAVA mattress fabrics. Results showed a decline in viral activity on LAVA fabric of 97.13% after 2hours of contact time with the Feline Coronavirus (same family of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus). Half-life (point were only 50% of viruses is still active) is reached much faster, leading to less chance of virus spreading and contamination.

Besides, the COPPERCLEAN yarn has shown a bacteriostatic reduction rate of 99.9% on different bacteria according to KS K 0693 (2016) testing method. Greatly reducing the risk of a secondary bacterial infection which is a common complication of a viral disease such as COVID19. Thus, knitting with the COPPERCLEAN yarn allows us to add inherent antibacterial, viral reducing and fungicidal properties to the fabric that will never wash out. Furthermore, COPPERCLEAN fabrics do not need any additional chemical treatment to achieve this and can be washed at lower temperatures with milder soaps.


After many years of Research and Development, EcoShield® is the result of a genuine desire to combine the natural to the biotechnology in the fight against insects.

The active ingredient of EcoShield® treatment is 100% natural; based on vegetal oil, Eucalyptus Citriodora is known for its repellent qualities against insects. It protects you from many insects nuisance and preserves the best quality of your nights.

Eucalyptus Citriodora is a tree that grows in temperate and tropical places. Eucalyptus Citriodora oil is distilled and enriched from its leaves. This oil is completely harmless to humans. This natural oil is usually used in the medical and cosmetic industries as an antiseptic ingredient or perfume.

Eucalyptus Citriodora:

This active ingredient is registered in the biocidal products European Directive. Active substance; citriodiol.

EcoShield® protects against different insects:

  • Bed bugs
  • Dust Mites
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths

All fibres and textile materials treated by EcoShield ® are washing resistant, thanks to the microcapsule technology:

This microcapsule technology also permits to release the product gradually over time since the capsules only break open when using the mattress. This way EcoShield® treatment will work effectively for several years.

Why buy a Latex Mattress from OROMED?

  • We have identified sleep related problems and created solutions
  • ORO Dunlop & Talalay Latex are natural, chemical free, and biodegradable passed FR tests complying with British regulation BS 5852 without using any harmful chemicals
  • Fabric for Mattress Covers passed all the FR tests BS 7177 and 7177 with crib 5 without using any harmful chemicals
  • VIRIO-CLEAN treatment of the fabric that kills and protects against COVID-19 Virus
  • ECO SHIELD treatment of the fabric kills and protects against: Bed Bags, Dust Mites, Mosquitoes, and Moths
  • The eight powerful massage motors with five programs including the timer
  • Ten years warranty
  • Granted International Patents
  • Winner of Diploma and Gold Medal at International Exhibition of invention in Geneva for Design and innovation of ORO Sleep System
  • Two in One Mattress, designed of two latex cores, one soft and the other medium. They can be accessed and rearranged by removing the top of the mattress cover and turning them around to desired firmness
  • Removable top of the mattress cover for washing or replacement.
  • ORO Latex Mattress with unique and patented Pressure Relief Comfort Recess
International Awards
International Patents

Strong international patents have been granted for ORO Latex mattress with its unique Pressure Relief Comfort Recess.

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