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Summit Stairlifts Stairlifts

This manufacturer likes to give three reasons for choosing its products.

According to Summit, its stairlifts offer you safety, reliability and convenience.

For example, Summit stairlifts have safety sensors on their footrests to stop the lift if it comes across something blocking the stairs, and it will also not move unless the seat is in the safe position.

There have also been tests to show the products do not suffer undue wear even after 16 years of use.

If you are cautious about space, Summit stairlifts can fold to 14 inches from the wall and the track occupies ten inches of the staircase.

You may also like to consider the chair, which can swivel at a 90 degree angle to help you get on and off, while the stairlifts can take a weight of up to 300 lb.

Summit stairlifts can travel for as long as 20 feet and newer options include folding arms and an outdoors model with a weatherproof cover.

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