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Liftable Stairlifts Stairlifts

If you need an ordinary or a wheelchair stairlift, have a look at Lift Able, which may have a solution for you.

Lift Able can offer a range of platform lifts which are good for wheelchair users in buildings of more than one level.

You can get a short rise step lift for inside or outside your home for shorter distances such as reaching the door, while vertical platform lifts can be used for lifting a wheelchair by as much as 15 feet.

Inclined platform lifts can work on straight or curved staircases.

Lift Able lifts include a range of models, with even more choice within.

For example, the Gulliver comes in 52 platform sizes and can be accessed from three of its sides.

Other vertical platform lifts include Vector and Orion.

Supra and RPsp are inclined platform lifts that carry features such as pressure controls, while you can also have optional extras such as a powered folding platform to save having to do it manually.

Short rise platforms such as the Melody 1 and 2 models are also available.