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Freelift Stairlifts Stairlifts

You can be sure of the benefit of experience with Freelift staircases, as the company has been making hem since 1962.

There are Freelift stairlifts available for straight staircases and curved ones, accommodating for different shapes and weights.

You can choose from Picasso, Elite or Mondriaan for straight stairs. Elite can carry people weighing up to 30 stone while Picasso and Mondriaan boast wear-resistant properties.

Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer suit curved staircases. Rembrandt is fitted to the inside of the stairs, and, like Van Gogh, allows a choice of three colours for the tubular rail.

While Van Gogh fits outside the staircase, Vermeer can be placed either inside or outside and is described as a "multi-storey stairlift".

You can even choose from a selection of six seats and a range of colours.

The Panda seat is good for children, while the Comfort one helps people who need a little help in rising from a chair.

Other models are the Classic and Basic seats for those who like simplicity, while Select has a few extras to make it more comfortable.