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Scooters for the Elderly Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have been invented to give you back the freedom to move around outdoors. It is essential that you find the perfect product for you, and that’s precisely why Mobility Compare is here.

What you should know about scooters for the elderly

Before you make a purchase it is important to know what to look out for.

Portability and power

  • Portable or travel scooters are lightweight and can be taken apart to make them easy to carry around. They are the cheapest option on the market and don’t offer many of the benefits of other types.
  • Standard mobility types can be taken apart like the portable ones, but the separated pieces are heavier and not as easy to manage. They offer many features to improve comfort and safety.
  • Heavy duty power mobility types are more difficult to transport as a result of their size and weight, but they have higher power, durability, and versatility than other models.

Number of wheels

  • Three-wheeled models are easy to manoeuvre and are designed for use on paved, level surfaces. They are lightweight, comfortable, and feature ample legroom.
  • Four-wheeled models offer better stability and balance but are not as manoeuvrable as the three-wheeled models. Since they tend to have more powerful motors, they can cover longer distances and remain safe even at speeds of up to 10mph.
  • There are five-wheel models produced by only one manufacturer, Quingo. These models combine the best features of the three and four-wheeled models to create a versatile, comfortable, stable scooter.

Maximum speed

A Class 2 scooter can be used on pavements without exceeding 4mph while a Class 3 vehicle can be used on the road at 8mph but a maximum of 4mph on pavements. If you’re purchasing a Class 3 product, ensure the retailer offers test drives and works with the code of practice provided by the Department of Transport.

Scooter companies

Here at Mobility Compare, we have provided a genuine comparison tool to help you find the perfect solution at the best possible price. These brands offer a wide variety of products to suit your needs.

  • Freerider
  • Mercury Prism
  • Shoprider
  • TGA
  • Shoprider
  • Sterling

Mobility scooter batteries

While some products will need a charger, others won’t. Gel and AGM are the most preferred because they are safer than regular lead acid batteries.