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Mobility scooters Leicester Mobility Scooters

Finding the right mobility scooter for you can sometimes seem overwhelming as nowadays there is a wide range to choose from. However, choice can be a good thing with something as important as your personal independence and cities like Leicester have a large selection of mobility scooters available.

Consider visiting Modern Mobility in Fosse Park Shopping Centre, a supplier with a reputation that has been proudly built over many years. They will give help and advice in the shop or over the phone whilst you’re in the comfort of your own home.

Also, CareCo Leicester at 17 St. Georges Way has a showroom and warehouse packed with all the best mobility vehicles, from their own brands to the biggest names in the industry.

What’s more, Eden Mobility Leicester at 48 Market Place offers one of the widest selections anywhere, stocking mobility scooters, recliner chairs and powerchairs.

Other options in the Leicester area are Mobile Mobility in the Winchester Avenue Industrial Estate and Leicester Shopmobility at the Haymarket Shopping Centre.

An advantage of visiting a shop in Leicester to buy a mobility scooter is the fact that you can find the world’s only 5-wheel scooter range.

These five wheel mobility scooters are available in the Quingo range and offer benefits other types of scooters can’t.

For example, Quingo’s 5-wheel system gives you the ability to climb and descend kerbs at angles unlike any other mobility vehicle. This is important when manoeuvring up and down small width pavements.

Traditional 3 or 4-wheel mobility scooters have to climb and descend kerbs at 90 degrees and manoeuvring into a 90-degree position can be extremely difficult.

The Quingo's Kerbmaster prevents tipping and eliminates beaching on an obstacle, unlike any other traditional mobility vehicle available.

What’s more, the Quingo 5-wheel Kerbmaster has feet forward adaptive footplates which reduce stress on your back, hips, knees and ankle joints, providing up to 80% more foot space than the same length 4-wheel scooters.

All scooters from the Quingo range are built to be folded or easily disassembled to fit inside the boot of a car and then set up for use at another time.

When looking for a mobility scooter to suit your needs, always check with the retailer that they offer practices and demonstrations to ensure that you’re safe and that the scooter itself is appropriate for your exact needs.