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Mobility scooters best price Mobility Scooters

When you’re looking around online for the best type of mobility scooter for your exact needs, it’s clear that price is a huge factor in swaying your decision.

Everyone has their own personal budget and whereas some features will seem attractive to one group of people, another demographic may opt for something completely different.

Importantly, buying online could be a better option than seeing if you can find ‘mobility scooters near me’, mainly because they are much cheaper online. Having said this, it’s also a good idea to try and get into shops and stores to test them out before you commit to spending your money.

Asking the team at your local suppliers as well as reading reviews on forums online is a great way of narrowing down your options before choosing the right one for you.

The prices for mobility scooters can vary from around £450 at the cheapest end of the spectrum to over £5000 for the most expensive, top of the range models.

Many of those cheaper mobility scooters between the £450 – £700 mark will give you all the essentials you need and come in 3 and 4-wheel models with accessories like shopping baskets and lights.

They’re ideal simply for popping down to the shops or heading over to a nearby friend’s house for coffee.

Your motivation for purchasing a mobility scooter is very important as this plays a key role in the type of model you choose.

For example, scooter prices at the top end of the price spectrum tend to give you mobility vehicles that can travel at higher speeds, are more robust and that come with a lot more accessories.  

So, when searching for a mobility scooter, you first need to consider your budget as well as personal and medical criteria before matching them up with the specifications of the models you’re considering.

Some scooters prioritise speed, others say they are the most reliable, others are designed for comfort and ease.

Questions to ask yourself when buying a scooter include:

  • Do I need my scooter to be portable? – Some models can be broken down and easily transported in a car boot.
  • Is it easy to use? – It’s really important that you are able to clearly understand the controls and easily operate your scooter.
  • Is the scooter the right size for me? – If your scooter is too large or too small for you it can be problematic and difficult to use.
  • Can the scooter be used on a road? – There are lots of pavement mobility scooters but if you’ll be using your scooter on a road occasionally or need it to be road worthy you will need to purchase a special type of scooter that is suitable and legal for road use.
  • Is this a reliable, high quality model? – Although it’s tempting to go with your favourite, make sure that this model is reliable by going online and checking out reviews, or asking other mobility scooter users for recommendations.
  • Is this scooter within my budget? – Set a budget and try to stick to it, purchasing the best value scooter possible in line with your requirements.
  • Are these scooters safe? Check that the top speed is suitable for you, and look for useful safety features such as puncture proof tyres. It’s also a good idea to see if you can take it for a test drive.