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Mobility scooter batteries 75ah Mobility Scooters

When you buy a mobility scooter, one of the last things you’re likely to think of is the battery. After having done your research and read reviews, and even after having spoken to the suppliers in the shop, knowing about the battery your mobility scooter has can be pretty far down the list.

However, it is crucial to know about the battery your mobility scooter uses as this will affect the power usage, compatibility and general day to day running of your vehicle.

Alternatively, maybe you have already bought a mobility scooter and found the battery life doesn’t last as long as you need? Or that you have had your scooter for a while and the battery needs replacing but you are unsure what the best replacement would be?

There is a very wide range of batteries out there for your mobility scooter. What’s more, it is not a good idea to just go with the cheapest mobility scooter batteries as it is likely that the lifespan might not be very good.

Remember, proper maintenance of your batteries will help ensure a greater life expectancy. Always check with your manufacturer or supplier before purchasing any batteries to make sure they are compatible with your scooter.

Firstly, there are three main types of mobility scooter batteries. These aresealed lead acid’ batteries (AGM), ‘gel cell’ batteries, and ‘lithium-Ion batteries’.

You may see on your batteries that it says something like ‘12v 75ah’. This means 12 volts 75 amp hour battery. 

All scooter batteries are 12 volts, and the higher the amp-hour then the higher the capacity your battery has. This will give you the ability to use your scooter for longer.

There is a big variation in amp-hours for scooter batteries. This also affects the physical size of the batteries so make sure you get a suitable one for the size of your vehicle.

How long should a 75ah mobility scooter battery last?    

On average, the lifespan of a 75ah mobility scooter battery is 18 months, but most suppliers will only offer a 12-month warranty on scooter batteries. 

The lifespan all depends on your usage though. Bear in mind that constant charging and discharging your battery will cause it to lose the ability to charge to the capacity it did when new.

How to replace your mobility scooter batteries

Before changing your 75ah battery, it is wise to get your manufacturers booklet to find out your battery model as all scooters are different and the way to replace them may vary. Make sure the new battery you are putting into your scooter is the correct compatibility.

Best way to look after your 75ah batteries

It is highly recommended to charge your scooter batteries after every use. No matter the distance, having full batteries will prolong their lifespan. 

If not are not planning on using your scooter for a good while, charge your batteries then disconnect them until you are ready to use again.