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Mercury Prism Mobility Scooters Mobility Scooters

If you want choice in your mobility scooter, it is worth having a look at Mercury Prism products.

The Mercury Prism 3 and 4 models both come in nine colours, along with baskets at the front to help you carry your shopping or possessions.

Both of them sport features that already appeared on the Mercury Rio range, as well as added ones such as wireless connections to make the scooters easier to put away or transport.

Mercury offers a choice of mobility scooters such as the Rio 3 Lite, several from the Neo line, the Regatta and Regatta 8 and the M48 GT.

The lattermost is a more powerful scooter which has been designed for those who need to make their way over less forgiving surfaces.

It can reach a maximum speed of eight miles per hour and its features include indicators and front and rear lights.

There is also a choice of three colours.