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Freerider Mobility Scooters Mobility Scooters

With Freerider mobility scooters, you can choose between nine different models and several additional accessories.

If you want a compact scooter to be easily transported in a car, look at the Mayfair range, most of which are suited to this purpose and the Ascot 4.

Several of the scooters also offer the choice of solid tyres. Among the features shared by them all are sealed, maintenance-free batteries and secure shopping baskets.

A number of them also have shock absorbers in the front and back and lift-up arms to help you get in and out.

Once you have selected a mobility scooter, also have a look to see if you want a rear basket for extra storage space, or a holder for your walking stick or crutch.

If you do not want to have to carry your valuables with you when you leave the scooter, there is also a lockable storage box to keep your possessions secure.

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