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Oticon Hearing Aids Hearing Aids

If you are buying a hearing aid and want the benefit of experience, Oticon is one possibility you could try.

With more than 100 years of business - the firm was established in 1904 by Hans Demant - the company is equipped to assist people who struggle with their hearing to bring sound back to their lives.

It offers a considerable range of hearing aids which fall into several main categories - the Epoq, the Dual, the Vigo Connect, Hit and Sumo DM, as well a so-called "mature products".

Epoq designs let the wearer locate where a sound is coming from, while Dual ones are noted for their attractive appearance and wide range of sound capture.

Vigo Connect works to bring everyday sounds such as voices or cars into sharper relief and Oticon describes Hit hearing aids as good value for money and comfortable to wear.

And for those looking for super sound amplification, the Sumo range is recommended.

The mature products also offer a wide range of technologically advanced hearing aids.

With Oticon, you can even personalise your hearing aid by choosing styles and colours, while accessories are available to help with activities such as talking on the phone.