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Invisible Hearing Aids Hearing Aids

You may think that a hearing aid is a necessarily cumbersome and obvious device, but in fact they can be extremely discreet.

While invisible hearing aids are not suited to all types of hearing loss, they are still very common.

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids are tiny, custom-made devices that can correct up to moderate hearing loss. Being positioned deeply in the ear means they can avoid problems such as the sound of wind and are easier to use while talking on the telephone.

Their small batteries, however, may need frequent replacing.

You will need to have your ear canal examined to see if it is suitable to using this kind of device as well.

On the ear (OTE), or open fit models are also almost invisible hearing aids, placed on top of the air with a barely-seen tube reaching down inside.

You could even try a hearing aid integrated into a pair of glasses, a product offered by firms such as Hidden Hearing.