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Comfortable Recliner Chairs Disability Chair

On the right, there is a comparison tool that enables you find comfortable recliner chairs and compare them for quality, price and suitability. The speed search is extremely fast so you can compare multiple options with a short time.

Comfortable recliner chairs to help you relax

A recliner chair is perfect when it provides the peace of mind and comfort needed to rest. It also helps to ease away aches and pains associated with daily stress.

Besides offering a great relaxing spot, recliner chairs helps people who have trouble sleeping. Its perfectly contoured back rest, adjustable head rest and foot rest makes sleeping a breeze.

It has a control mechanism which, in some cases, is performed via a remote handset that that allows you raise the seat to a comfortable height. This way you can ensconce yourself into it, before slowing lowering it into a preferred position.

Technical considerations

Recliner chairs may come in either single motor or dual motor specifications. While single motor chairs are cheap, and offer a simple up-down movement of the seat, the dual motor type is a bit more expensive but capable of moving up and down, as well as adjusting the back and foot rest independently.

Various types of comfortable recliner chairs

At mobility compare, we provide a platform that makes it easy for you to choose which chair is most suitable for you or your loved one.

Here are various types of recliner chairs

    • The two position

This chair gets its name from its function. Two-position recliner chair has two positions, the upright and fully-reclined. The foot rest can be adjusted with a lever. The two-position recliner chairs are usually one of the cheapest, but have limited functions and take up a lot of space.

    • The rocker

This type of recliner has multiple reclining angles. The footrest can be set to go up, without taking the back rest all the way down, making the rocker suitable for places with small space. Though a bit more expensive than the two-position, rockers are still affordable.

    • The push-back

The distinguishing factor about a push-back recliner chair is the absence of a built-in footrest. For the chair to recline, it is just as simple as pushing it backwards. It takes up less space than the previous two models and often come in modern designs.

    • The riser

Riser recliners are typically motor-powered chairs that recline and lift upwards. You can get out of the chair without any effort. They are the most expensive but offer an extremely versatile functionality. They are usually perfect for people with injuries and physical disabilities that make it difficult to sit or stand without assistance.

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