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Disabled Baths Bath Lift

Having disabilities shouldn't get in the way of enjoying a nice bath. To ensure using a bath is easy and convenient, you will need to find one designed for your needs.

Essentially you have two choices for disabled baths. One is the walk-in bath, which has a small door to let the user step in before turning on the taps and needs to be drained before stepping out again.

The other is to use a hoist system to lift the bather over the side of the bath and into it. Hoists may be separate accessories that are independent from the bath itself, or the entire tub might be built to have a hoist in it.

You, and your carer if you have one, will need to consider matters such as whether you can sit unaided and the choice between manual and electric lifts, should you use a hoist. The former can be tiring for a carer.

Mobility Compare can help you research your options and compare disabled baths.

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