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Bathroom Aids For The Elderly Bath Lift

Is the rigour of old age making it difficult for you to enjoy a bath? Are you concerned about the safety of your elderly parents or relatives in the bathroom? An excellent solution is to get bathroom aids. These will make taking a bath enjoyable and safe. Some types of bathroom aids include:

Walk In Bath And Showers

A walk in bath and shower makes bathing a safer and enjoyable experience for the elderly with limited mobility. In particular, the walk in shower comes with the option of using bath seats for sitting during a shower. An elderly who is disabled can also use a walk in shower because it is big enough to accommodate a wheel chair and the entrance is adjustable to accommodate any size entering.

Bath Lifts

This is a bathroom aid designed to make getting in and out of the bath stress free and safe for the elderly with mobility problems. Bath lifts are a cost effective solution or alternative to the more expensive walk in baths. They do not require expensive bathroom alteration to install and they are simply attached directly onto the bath. Additionally, they are easy to operate through the use of a hand-held remote, making them both convenient and comfortable. To reduce the risk of slipping, most bath lifts are slip resistant.

Bathroom Grab Rails

This is a type of bathroom aid for the elderly which provides balance and support for older people with unstable balance. This helps in preventing the fatal incident of falling in the bathroom. It also assists in entering and exiting from the bath or shower and can either be plastic or steel made. Both types provide the same aid but the latter is more expensive than the former.

Bathroom Pillows

A bathroom pillow or cushion greatly increases comfort when in the bath and also improves stability. This aid is very supportive and it enables an elderly person to use the bathroom facility more comfortably. Its use reduces the build-up of pressure on the back, neck and shoulder areas.

Other types of bathroom aids include; bath seats, shower seats, shower chairs and stool, bath steps, shower and bath boards and more.

At Mobility Compare, we can help you compare a variety of bathroom aid and assist you in finding the product that is best suited for you or your loved ones.