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Types of profiling in adjustable beds Adjustable Beds

Nowadays, adjustable beds have become more mainstream and they are no longer seen as specifically catering for people with sciatica, arthritis, and other mobility issues. By investing in an adjustable bed, you can quite simply improve your sleeping position and get a better night’s rest.

However, whatever you need your adjustable bed for, there are many different types to choose from and it’s important to make the right choice for your needs. Knowing the differences is crucial for your long-term physical health.

If you’re just looking to improve your level of comfort, you may be better off buying an adjustable mattress or an adjustable base that changes your head and feet positioning. If you’re looking to invest in an entirely new bed, you may benefit from a full sleep system that has both an adjustable base as well as an adjustable mattress.

Adjustable beds are easy to use with a remote control or even your smart phone, with features like sleep tracking, massaging, or automatically raising your head when it’s time to wake up.

Profiling beds

Lifestyle beds are luxury beds for individuals who may wish to watch TV in bed for prolonged periods, or who suffer from minor snoring problems.

Profiling beds are designed for people with more serious physical issues and are worth highlighting in more detail.

They’re usually divided into specific categories of uses, determining which part of your body they will profile;

  • Back elevation
  • Leg elevation
  • Back elevation with knee brake
  • Back elevation with leg elevation
  • Knee brake
  • Trendelenburg
  • Anti-Trendelenburg

By elevating your legs, you help your body to reduce fluid and leg pressure in your ankles, making it an ideal position to soothe away aches and pains from tiredness or injury. It’s the essence of putting your feet up!

Back elevation offers optimal general positioning. Simply by having a Queen-size adjustable bed that offers back elevation profiling can provide comfort and support for relaxing, reading, watching television or even eating in bed. Most people also find that back elevation helps to relieve respiratory conditions, helping to cure them of sleep apnoea.

By elevating the back and legs at the same time enables users to achieve all the benefits of both singular back and leg elevations. This posture can also help users get in and out of bed easily and safely, thus enhancing your quality of life.

A brake in the knee is great for sports players or keen walkers and runners who simply need to provide support and rest to their knees.

A knee brake whilst elevating the back gives the body increased relief at its key pressure points, providing long-term comfort and general easing of aches and pains.

The Trendelenburg allows the users' feet to be raised higher than the head, for a variety of medical purposes. This is ideal for postural drainage, and the position should only be used under professional supervision.

Lastly, the anti-Trendelenburg provides added pressure relief for various areas of the body including the lower back, and should only be used under medical supervision.


Focussing on the specific type of adjustable bed you require is an important decision. You should consult your Doctor for professional advice as well as reading online reviews in your own time. It’s also a good idea speaking directly in shop or with the supplier.

Remember that by having a Queen-size or King-size mattresses can also increase your levels of comfort over single-sizes, and although this might increase the price, it’s definitely a long-term investment that will provide you with benefits to your health as well as your physical and mental well-being.