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How to find the best manufacturer of adjustable bed in the UK Adjustable Beds

Finding a list of places that sell adjustable beds is not difficult. Most high street shops like Dreams or Bensons For Beds will sell them, and you will also be able to buy them from specialist stores, such as Laybrook, Willowbrook and Theraposture.

Many companies allow you to shop online as well as in store and specialist suppliers will often have a wider range of adjustable beds with more features to try out.

However, it’s definitely worth doing some thorough research and finding exactly the right adjustable bed for you and your specific needs before deciding on a price and buying one.

Simply plumping on the first affordable one you find will not serve you in the long term and any aches, pains, and grievances from which you may be suffering will not be alleviated.

It’s essential to draw up a list of adjustable beds manufacturers and read reputable reviews on their models. This will highlight the pros and cons of each type of bed you may be choosing from and will eventually lead you to making the right choice.

When deciding on the best manufacturer of adjustable bed for you, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Draw up a list containing the following points to address each manufacturer in order to reach an objective conclusion;

1. What features does each adjustable bed provide?

Contact the manufacturers to request specific information about what each adjustable bed offers. Nowadays, many beds come with mobile phone apps you can download and technological features about which you may require more details.

2. How much does the bed cost?

A massive factor which determines your choice will be the price of the bed, but don’t get caught out with add-ons and extra features. Find out the total price including the base and mattress, as well as any additional extras you’ll need.

It may also be a good idea to ask whether a deposit is required, if you can pay in instalments or for how long the warranty lasts.

3. Try it before you buy it

You really don’t want to buy an adjustable bed without having first tried it. If you can get into the store to try a model version, you’ll know exactly what you’ve invested in when it arrives.

4. Does the store deliver?

Always obtain the store’s guarantee that they’ll deliver and install the bed for you. Make sure there are no additional charges for this and see if they’ll also remove the old bed too.

5. Day-to-day maintenance

Be certain you’re aware how best to maintain your bed every day. Adjustable beds can be expensive and technologically intricate pieces of kit but they’ll last a long time if they’re properly maintained.


Finally, when choosing the best adjustable bed manufacturer for you, think about the future. If you already have a long-term, changing health condition, think about ‘future-proofing’ your adjustable bed purchase. You might not need some specific requirements, extra features or add-ons now, but it might be worth buying one that can be adapted in the future, in order to meet your changing care needs.