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How Adjustable Beds help users get a better sleep Adjustable Beds

Scientific research makes clear that a good night’s sleep is essential at any age. Sleep powers the mind, restores the body, and fortifies virtually every system in the body. Most healthy adults need 8 hours of sleep per night to function at their best.

However, in the UK alone, over 10 million people suffer with sciatica, arthritis or other joint and ligament problems and getting a full night of uninterrupted rest is especially difficult.

For people who suffer from mobility problems, arthritis or sciatica, sleeping in an adjustable bed can help a great deal. This is because an adjustable bed allows you to alleviate the pressure on joints and ligaments by taking the weight off the affected areas. This also aids morning stiffness as pain is decreased overnight, aiding you to rise from your bed more easily. Therefore, it’s definitely worth comparing and reviewing adjustable beds at https://www.mobilitycompare.co.uk/adjustable-beds/

The advantages of adjustable beds don’t just stop there. Further benefits can include improved blood circulation which in turn will aid your heart, reduced swelling of the legs – especially in pregnant women, and improved breathing whilst asleep, thus clearing the nasal passage and helping people with asthma or sleep apnoea to a better night’s sleep.

Finally, it can be frustrating when you’re unable to get out of bed without help. An adjustable bed provides you the independence of improved accessibility, enhancing your quality of life.

It may seem like an overwhelming decision knowing which adjustable bed is right for you as there is a wide range of prices and many types from which you can choose. However, it is worth bearing in mind that all of these adjustable bed types tend to fall into two main categories, which should assist you in making your selection.

Lifestyle beds

‘Lifestyle’ adjustable beds usually offer a ‘sit up’ function to make it more comfortable to read or watch TV in bed, which will help your overall comfort in the long term. However, they’re unlikely to offer different sleeping positions or adjustable height options. Lifestyle beds tend to be aimed at people who want an adjustable bed simply for luxury, rather than for health reasons and can be easily found to buy online or at bed shops near you.

Profiling beds

Profiling beds offer more flexibility with a variety of positions and features. They are more suitable for those with specific medical or health needs. Profiling beds can be adjusted manually or electrically while the person is on the bed. Most domestic adjustable beds are electric and are controlled by a handset, which means the person in bed can make the necessary adjustments themselves.


Adjustable bed reviews on UK websites are a great way to see which type of bed will suit your needs, helping you focus on the right price for your budget as well as maybe trying out a model at a suitable shop or supplier near you.

It’s your well-being that’s in play, so gather as much information as you can before making your decision.