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Adjustable Beds King Size Adjustable Beds

Just because you have decided to get an adjustable bed does not mean you have to compromise on space.

If you want an adjustable bed in a king size, many suppliers can offer products that will suit.

Different sources may give you varying dimensions on what constitutes a king size bed, but many sources define it as having a length of approximately six feet and six inches (220 cm) and a width of approximately five feet (150 cm).

When comparing adjustable beds in king size, the measurements may vary from this. However, several models described as king size still measure six feet long (183 cm) and four feet wide (122 cm), which may be ample.

Some brands, such as Adjustamatic, offer king size and queen size double beds. The largest Adjustamatic double bed takes a mattress that measures six feet six inches by five feet and has an overall length of six feet and nine inches.